Video of dying animal at Alabama State Fair petting zoo causes outrage


PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Pelham police have issued a statement after looking into a situation where an injured animal that appeared dead was left in the petting zoo exhibit at the Alabama State Fair.
The Alabama State Fair spokesperson says according to the petting zoo, a camel fell on the goat on Thursday when unloading the trailer of animals in the rain. The goat was taken to a private area for medical treatment and put back in the pin with the rest of the animals.

“The animal was being well taken care of and I know it appeared in the video that the animal was being mistreated but the animal wasn’t being mistreated. It was being left in peace and they let him lay there and rest and heal as oppose to when she put him in the back by itself,” said Mark Lovell, the Alabama State Fair director. “These animals are around other animals and people all the time and when they’re left alone and they’re not happy, so she did what she thought and still believe to be the best thing for the animal.”

A woman visiting the Alabama State Fair posted on Facebook a video showing the goat not moving and claimed the goat had not moved in more than 4 hours. She said she took the video Saturday night before closing. 

“Once we came back 4 hours later and no one even noticed that this one animal had no moved an inch. I knew he was dead and I was absolutely horrified. I felt sick to my stomach and started immediately tearing up and crying,” said Peyton Hill, who saw the goat unresponsive.

State Fair reps confirm the goat did die but say it was still alive in the video. They say the goat owner claims if the goat was separated from the group, it would have screamed and caused a commotion. 

The video has been viewed over 68,000 times, with hundreds of commenters expressing outrage and asking for an investigation.

Pelham Police released a statement Monday evening: 

The Pelham Police Department received a complaint Saturday evening about a possible dead goat in the petting zoo at the Alabama Fair. Officers at the event responded to the area immediately, but the animal had already been removed.

During the course of the three-day investigation, we have learned the goat died as a result of an injury caused by another animal in the petting zoo. Officers have observed the animals several times since the incident, including on Sunday and today. At no time did they observe any without food or water, and none appeared to be in distress.

Code enforcement has also reviewed the veterinary records for all of the animals.

We have determined this was an unfortunate accident. Nothing further will be released.

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