VIDEO: Moody Police searching for car break-in thieves


MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — Moody Police have shared home security camera footage to Facebook showing what appears to be a group of men attempting to break into cars. 

According to a Facebook post by the Moody Police Department: 

During the early morning hours of 1/10/2019 multiple vehicles in subdivisions throughout the city were broken into. Items taken from these vehicles include several firearms. Based on video and a witness statement the suspects are believed to be at least 5 black males. Officers patrolling the area were able to stop and detain possible suspects in this case and one was taken into custody on unrelated charges but is being looked at as a person of interest. 

 “[These thieves] are looking for easy opportunities to steal what they can get,” says Asst. Chief Rusty Freeman with Moody Police. 

In the video, an alarm can be heard blaring, but Asst. Chief Freeman says that of the dozen or so cars broken into, only one of them was locked. 

Asst. Chief Freeman also confirms that several firearms were stolen, which he acknowledges is concerning.

“It puts everyone at risk,” explains Asst. Chief Freeman. “If there are firearms in an unlocked car and we have a criminal suspect that’s running loose, then they’re armed.”

“I’m pretty much alone so it’s scary for me because you never know [what can happen],” says Linda Mitchell, a local Moody resident.

Mitchell lives in the Avalon neighborhood, the area where Moody Police say the home video was taken. 

Residents of the Avalon neighborhood say that car beak-ins happen periodically in the neighborhood and that this string of break-ins is just the latest episode. 

Travis Allison is another Moody resident who lives in the Avalon neighborhood. He says that shortly after moving in three years ago, he went ahead and purchased security cameras. 

“I’ve always been aware of things,” explains Allison. “If anything comes across my yard — a cat, dog, person, mailman, anybody — it’ll pick up on my phone and I can see it. It gives me a sense of security.”

Moody Police tell CBS 42 that they are hoping to get more information and encourage anyone with insight to contact the Moody Police Department. In the meantime, they ask that residents make sure to lock their car doors and take all valuable items inside their homes every night. 

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