Study: Cheese tastes better after it listens to Hip-Hop

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(WIAT) — Take a slice of this: A unique study out of Switzerland finds that music can affect the taste of cheese, and it seems to indicate that hip hop music, in particular, makes the cheese taste best.

Researchers at Bern University of the arts exposed five 22-pound wheels of cheese to different kinds of music, played on a loop for six-and-a-half months. According to Reuters, the cheese was exposed 24 hours a day to A Tribe Called Quest’s hip hop track “We Got it From Here”, Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ opera or Led Zeppelin’s rock classic “Stairway to Heaven”.

A group of food professionals participated in blind taste-tests and declared that the cheese exposed to hip hop group Tribe Called Quest tasted best. They said it was  “significantly different from the other samples” – when it came to both smell and taste. 

CBS 42 Storm Team Meteorologist Nate Harrington gave his verdict by taste testing the cheese. Watch his reaction above.

To read more about the cheese experiment, check out Bern University’s Press Release here.

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