Senior prank that ‘went too far’ closes North Carolina high school, causes thousands in damages

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ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. (WNCN) — A senior prank overnight “went too far” and resulted in the closure of Roanoke Rapids High School, school official Les Atkins said Tuesday morning.

According to Atkins, the senior prank “typically involves toilet paper in the courtyard, but this year it went too far — a lot too far.”

Atkins said that while students did toilet paper the school, the biggest issues are that they poured what officials believe is vegetable oil all over the 100-year-old hardwood floors and they super glued the door locks. Students also spray-painted windows at the high school.

Atkins said the oil is “not very easy to clean up” and that getting the glue off the locks will cost money for the school to repair.

Police are investigating the prank as a case of vandalism and also as a felony breaking and entering, Roanoke Rapids Police Capt. BL Martin said.

“We’re currently out here now investigating a breaking and entering and vandalism. It was along the lines of a senior prank,” Martin told CBS 17. Unfortunately this year the individuals responsible damaged the door locks to most of the buildings.”

Martin said fixing the doors will cost at least “$4,000…but may end up being more than that.”

Martin also said the historic hardwood floors were damaged and some parts of the floor will need to be fixed — if it’s even possible to fix them.

The school, according to Atkins, has “cameras all over” and the principal and administrators are already working to determine who is responsible.

There are multiple suspects in the incident, according to police.

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