Philadelphia police commissioner: Resignation was voluntary

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Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross speaks with the media outside Police Administration Building at 8th and Race in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019. Ross abruptly resigned Tuesday, a day after a woman in the department claimed in a lawsuit that he allegedly ignored her claim of another officer’s sexual harassment. (Jessica Griffin/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross says his abrupt resignation was completely voluntary and he has never “sought retribution” on anyone.

Speaking outside police headquarters Wednesday, Ross says his love for the city compelled him to make a decision that was bigger than him.

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Ross resigned Tuesday, a day after two female officers say their complaints of being physically and verbally harassed by supervisors and colleagues were ignored by department brass.

One woman said Ross ignored her reports of sexual harassment because she broke off an affair with Ross.

Ross says he’s “never sought retribution on a person, personally or professionally.”

The suit claims members of the police department engaged in sexual harassment and racial and gender discrimination against them.

The women will ask a federal judge Wednesday to protect them from retaliation on the job

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