Man faces manslaughter charges in the death of hotel worker

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(CBS) – A Connecticut man is accused of killing a hotel worker in the Caribbean.

Scott Hapgood is charged with manslaughter in the death of Kenny Mitchel. Hapgood claims Mitchel attacked him at a resort on the island of Anguilla in April in front of his two daughters.

Scott Hapgood says he was on a vacation relaxing with his family and attacked at knifepoint in a private hotel room on an exclusive resort in front of his very young daughters by a man that is said to be a dangerous man.

Investigators say the incident happened on April 13th. According to a spokeswoman for Hapgood said a worker identified as 27-year-old Kenny Mitchel, showed up unannounced in uniform at the hotel around 4 p.m., claiming he was there to fix a broken sink before carrying out his sudden, violent attack. He was said to be armed and demanding money.

After the attack, Hapgood was arrested and charged with manslaughter 4 days after. But he was later released from jail on $74,000 bond.
Hapgood said the entire experience was terrifying, not just the alleged ambush attack with Mitchel but the treatment on the island and the time spent in jail.

According to Hapgood’s family, he was stabbed, bitten several times, and sustained, many bruises over his arms and chest. Mitchel’s autopsy report shows he was beaten and choked to death.

WATCH: Scott Hapgood and Attorney speak about the investigation

But in a toxicology report released by the Island’s Attorney General, also shows Mitchel had cocaine, cannabis, and other drugs in his system. It also shows his blood alcohol content was more than two times the legal limit in the U.S.

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Many locals are angry over the case and were skeptical Hapgood would return for his court appearance.

The Anguilla crime scene department says it has no comment about the Toxicology report.

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