Kamala Harris joins local McDonald’s workers as they strike

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LAS VEGAS (CNN) — Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is expected to march alongside Las Vegas McDonald’s workers Friday, June 14, as they strike, demanding the right to unionize.

The announced engagement comes the same day that Harris and some of her Democratic colleagues, including fellow presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, released a letter they sent to the McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook, which called on the company to do more to address workplace harassment, abuse and retaliation experienced by McDonald’s workers.

Workers across Nevada will walk off their jobs Friday and march for the right to a union, which organizers say would be the best way to raise pay, as well as call for an end to sexual harassment and workplace violence.

In May, Harris tweeted that she stands in solidarity with McDonald’s workers on the picket line, demanding a $15 minimum wage among other things.

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