How to protect young children from guns

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While many families keep guns in their homes, they can still be dangerous to young children and others if not properly stored or taught about.

KidsHealth recently released its tips to protect kids with firearms in their houses or a friend’s house, how to use one properly and how to avoid being in danger if someone else has one.

For guns in your house, make sure it is stored and unloaded and never get the gun out unless instructed to by an adult.

For guns in a friend’s house, the same rules apply and also do not touch a gun if it is laying out. Make sure an adult knows about it and get away from the area.

The biggest tip the site offers for kids is to always make sure an authority figure is aware if there is a gun and never play with one. It may seem like common knowledge, but it is important to reinforce these rules to young kids. 

To see the full list of tips, click here

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