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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIAT) — President Trump’s newly released budget appears to be dead on arrival on Capitol Hill. The $4.7 trillion budget calls for cuts to domestic programs, like Medicare and Medicaid, and sharp increases in defense spending.

The proposal also includes a request for $8.6 billion to build more than 700 miles of barriers along the southern border –while cutting domestic programs to pay for the construction. Not only are Democrats opposed to funding the wall – but they are also balking at where the rest of the money is going or is not going.

Senator Doug Jones said, “His budget has been kind of a moving target on the border. What I’m hoping is he will submit this and then we can have some hearings on it. Let’s get this out in the open. One of the biggest criticisms of the president’s task has been that we haven’t seen what he really wants and seen and let the experts talk about it in a hearing. So we’ll see how it goes. I think it’s part of the budgetary process where you ask and then you negotiate.”

Congress will begin hearings on the president’s budget requests this week.

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