BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The 100 Days of Non-violence tour kicked off at Carver High School Wednesday. It’s an initiative to address violence and promote non-violence in teens and young people.

Organizers said they are introducing gang violence into the conversation this year. They said say many students say a lot of the violence we see in schools is related to gangs.

The goal is to deter acts of violence among young people and provide them with tools and resources to feel safe. According to Birmingham Police, as of September, murder rates were up 36% compared to last year. It’s an alarming trend that has students and city leaders concerned.

“We’ve had a rash of our school age children that have been killed. When you go back as far as last year and we’ve had record highs of murders in the city of Birmingham and a lot of them are babies, a lot of them are school aged children. So we believe it’s extremely important to sit down and talk with them,” said William Barnes with the Birmingham Urban League.

“The younger you start, the better it sticks with you and you develop a habit of not saying something back to everyone who says something to you. Little stuff just let it go. And bigger stuff hand it to the authorities. Whether that be a teacher, parent and let them handle it the correct way,” said Carver High School student Jacob Woods.

Now through November, 10 the Urban League will visit seven schools across the Birmingham metro area. While the tour is just 100 days, Barnes said this initiative and call to action continues year round.