Undamaged Bible found among remains of Town Creek home destroyed by tornado


(Courtesy Jason Fields)

July 04 2021 12:00 am

TOWN CREEK, Ala. (WIAT) — Among the rubble and debris that was left from Monday night’s storms, one volunteer firefighter made a discovery that sent chills down his spine: a Bible, unharmed, opened to the New Testament.

Jason Fields, a volunteer for Morgan County’s Danville Fire and Rescue department, turned to Facebook to share his discovery.

Fields ended his post by asking one question: “could there be a better reminder to us of the power of God?”

In a message to CBS 42, Fields explained what it was like to find the Bible.

“[It] sent a chill down my spine,” he said. “I have been on several storm responses, but never experienced anything like finding the Bible.”

Fields also told us that he hesitated to post the picture, but went ahead and shared it because he “felt it could offer encouragement to others.” One of the commenters on Fields’ post pointed out that one of the verses that can be seen is Acts 15:16, which reads:

"I will return after this.
I will build David's house again.
It has fallen down.
I will build again the parts of his house that have been pulled down.
I will make his house new."


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