BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The CDC is sending out new recommendations when it comes to protecting yourself against Monkeypox.

UAB’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Saag said it is important to be aware about Monkeypox but he doesn’t think it’s anything to be alarmed about.

Monkeypox is a strain of Smallpox. It’s typically found in places like Africa and usually is transmitted from animals to humans. Dr. Saag said symptoms are usually visible bumps or sores.

Dr. Saag said the recent outbreak appears to be spreading from person to person through close skin contact.
According to Dr. Saag, you have to have intimate, skin to skin contact like sexual activity to spread the virus.
He said the guidance from the CDC is out of an abundance of caution.

“While the virus can be isolated by some raspatory secretions like if somebody coughs, it’s really really unlikely that there’s any airborne transmission,” Dr. Saag said. “It’s that skin to skin contact that’s the major way the virus is transmitted, and I think that’s what we should focus on.”

Dr. Saag said if you are traveling out of the country being aware of the situation is a good idea but said there’s no need to panic. He also said COVID-19 is still the biggest threat to the general public, especially Alabamians.