BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Excitement is building as University of Alabama at Birmingham staff members prepare dorms for World Games athletes arriving on July 5th.

World Games athletes and staff will be staying at UAB for 14 days straight. Senior Vice President of Finance Administration Brian Burnett says UAB is excited to play a role in the games.

“I think the opportunity to share what’s special about Birmingham, what’s special about our state and our university, I think is what is getting all of our staff excited,” said Burnett.

Although UAB staff have prepared for this opportunity, Burnett says it won’t come without challenges.

UAB is expected to host 4,500 people with roughly 3,300 beds. In all, Burnett says they are providing what it equivalent to 29,000 bed nights and 60,000 meals. Because athletes are expected to come and go in waves, Burnett does believe UAB will be ready.

The UAB campus will be partnering with UAB Medicine to share resources throughout the games in hopes of bolstering confidence in an enjoyable stay.

“Having our partners at UAB Medicine involved with the games, also as a sponsor, covering all the venues in addition to helping the support for our residence halls is huge,” said Burnett.”