LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Every year, an African king travels to America. His mission? To promote cultural awareness, encourage travel to Africa, tourism and reconnect with Nigerian natives who have migrated to the United States.

Royal Highness Ehizogie Eluojierior, Onogie of Igueben, Edo State, Nigeria, makes only three or four stops in the states.

The king told News10, “I came into the country a week and a half ago. I went straight to New York. Sunday, I flew to Houston and today I’m here in Lafayette, Louisiana, trying to see my Chief and my royal subjects and see how they’re doing, how they’re faring.”

The king is in Lafayette visiting Triple Chief Chris Omigie, Osobase of Igueben which means Chief of Igueben, Nigeria. Chief Omigie has made Lafayette his home for more than 30 years while retaining his title. He’s also promoter of the popular Lafayette Reggae Festival and a decades-old guest of our morning show, Passe Patout.

“As we say hello to our friend Chief Omigie, we say welcome to Acadiana, King Eluojierior, and we wish you safe travels,” says KLFY News10.