Man exposes himself during virtual city council meeting in Virginia

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A man exposed himself during Monday night’s virtual city council meeting in Richmond, Virginia, causing several members to react visibly and audibly during the livestream.

The naked genitals of a man identified as “Mr. Graham” appeared on screen after he was seen taking off his underwear on camera.

One councilmember who wished to remain anonymous called it a “very unsavory visual assault.”

While the councilmember indicated the man’s face could not be seen, they said the man appeared to be sitting, then stood up, where he could clearly be seen in “undergarments.”

“He then turned around, grabbed a pair of pants, took off his pants, turned toward the camera” and exposed himself, the councilmember said.

The councilmember, as well as Councilman Mike Jones, said the man appeared under the name “Patrick Graham.”

The exposure was unable to be seen by the public watching online, however, several councilmembers could be seen reacting in surprise.

Leading up to the incident, Councilwoman Ellen Robertson shared parting words for outgoing Council Vice President Chris Hilbert. That’s when Council President Cynthia Newbille asked “Mr. Graham” to “turn off your — thank you.”

“There you go, Chris,” Jones reacted. “There’s a parting gift for you.”  

“Come on, Mr. Graham,” pleaded Jones, who asked Newbille if the man was able to be excused from appearing onscreen.

It is not immediately known exactly who it was appearing under the name “Patrick Graham,” however, Jones said it was not a city employee sharing the same name.

A city council staff member did not immediately respond to questions as to the man’s identity.


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