MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — Prosecutors say a University of South Alabama student is accused of making a terroristic threat after he wrote song lyrics by a popular rapper on a large flip chart in the school library.

A criminal complaint says 21-year-old Jack Aaron Christensen wrote part of the chorus to Tyler, The Creator’s “Radicals” that say to “kill people, burn sh*t, f**k school.”

“Radicals” comes from Tyler’s 2011 album, “Goblin.” At the beginning of the song, Tyler released a disclaimer saying that the song shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“Random disclaimer, Hey, don’t do anything that I say in this song, okay? It’s f**kin’ fiction. If anything happens, don’t f**kin’ blame me, White America. F**k Bill O’Reilly.”

The university hasn’t revealed details of the case, and the court records don’t say why the flip chart was in the library or whether it was part of a university program. The complaint states it happened on or around Sept. 11, the anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks.

Tyler, The Creator is best known for his role in the hip hop group, Odd Future. His songs have garnered controversy over the years for its coarse language and provocative subject matter. Over the years, Tyler has admitted that his lyrics are to intentionally written to provoke people.

Court records don’t list a lawyer for Christensen who could be reached for comment on his behalf.