TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A security guard at a Tuscaloosa apartment community is making a big difference in his neighborhood, especially among young children.

For two years Mark Dill has served as a security guard at the Fieldcrest Apartments. When Mark isn’t too busy keeping folks safe, he likes to spend time with young people at the complex trying to be a positive role model for them.

“It makes me feel good when I see their growth and maturity and I see their confidence grow. And that’s what any kids want or needs, these are good kids here and anything I can do to help them I will do,” he said.

Dill plays sports with the kids and often will have cookouts to serve the young people food. He also gives them small jobs at the apartment to teach them discipline and responsibility. Dill says parents appreciate his positive example.

“They know where their kids are every day, they are not out roaming they are active. They play baseball every day. its amazing, when I moved here the kids on one of the complexes didn’t know the other kids on the other side. Now they group together and play together,” he said.

Apartment manager Karen Patrick says the young children look up to Dill and he is making a difference in their lives.

“And for the kids, he is always doing activities for them. Doing cookouts and he is just great for the whole community. He’s made the community better and the kids are out playing now and they are out riding their bikes having an awesome time,” Patrick said.

Mark Dill is a retired Tuscaloosa Police Officer, and he served his country in the Air Force.