Tuscaloosa dog selected as ‘All-American Dog’ by Early Times whiskey company


Phoebe the dog from Tuscaloosa, selected as an “All-American dog” by Early Times whiskey

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa dog will soon be prominently featured on a billboard in town as part of a national campaign from a whiskey company.

Phoebe, a 1-year-old Great Dane, was chosen out of tens of thousands of dogs to be one of 10 dogs featured in Early Times’ “All-American Dogs” social media campaign. Phoebe participated in a photoshoot with other “All-American Dogs” from across the country and her picture will be featured in the Early Times 2020 All-American Dogs calendar later this fall.

On Sept. 9, a billboard featuring Phoebe will also be revealed in Tuscaloosa off McFarland Blvd E near Bowers Park.

Early Times has dedicated a portion of its website to “All-American Dogs” that includes stories of lifesaving-heroics, farm life, cross-country hiking trips and unwavering companionship.

“Phoebe was a special choice. Not only was she born on the Fourth of July, but she also has a really warm, kind heart,” Early Times senior brand manager Dallas Cheatham said in a press release. “We also appreciated the fact that when she stands on her hind legs, she can snag hot dogs off the counter. There’s nothing more All-American that being born on the Fourth of July and enjoying a good hot dog.”

“She is still a puppy even though she can look me straight in the eye when she is on her hind legs,” Phoebe’s owner, Rhonda, said. “We are teaching her manners and hopefully we can teach her to quit stealing hot dogs off the kitchen counter.”

The 10 dogs hail from Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana.

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