Tuscaloosa brands city ‘The One and Only’


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Tuscaloosa is getting a brand new identity: Tuscaloosa, The one and only.

The city is debuting its new ‘brand’ at a big concert tonight. Tuscaloosa’s tourism and sports commission wants to bring people in to the city, and not just for football. They feel the area has a lot more to offer.

At tonight’s concert, they’ll debut the city’s new commercial and start giving away swag that will help locals embrace the brand.

You may have already seen the billboards, driving into town.

The city’s new brand is even a song.

“We love Alabama football, but beyond Alabama football, our city didn’t have an identity and we really wanted to give it that identity and what this brand does is it represents the city as a whole.  Alabama football, Shelton State, Stillman, the black warrior. Everything can fit under this brand, and we’ve got so much unique culture that we really wanted to provide the city for that,” Brandt Garrison with Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports said.

The branding was a 14 month process. There was a 33 person committee, with insight from every different industry. 1,100 citizens were surveyed.

Everything from the color to the font has meaning, symbolizing the area’s natural resources, strength, and progress.

“The lettering?” Tuscaloosa resident Jillian Lyle laughed. “It was kind of curvy, like they would have for a girl’s sorority.”

“One and only what? Is the first question. [laughs] But I think it’s probably appropriate. Tuscaloosa is different from the rest of Alabama,” Ken Hinton said.

“Our niche thing- and what makes us so unique is our name. There’s no other Tuscaloosa in the world, so when someone says that word, it’s directly associated with us,” Garrison said.

The commission hopes the one and only brand will make citizens proud to tell their “one and only” Tuscaloosa stories.

“Yeah I like that. The one and only. Cause this is Tuscaloosa. Anybody who lives here will automatically be like, yeah, Tuscaloosa the one and only place that’s the best place,” Lyle said.

The official launch of the new brand, Tuscaloosa, The one and only, is Thursday night, but you will continue to see billboards, commercials, and merchandise rolling out over the next several months.

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