TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa veteran is paying tribute to fallen heroes by creating works of art for their families.

From inside his garage, artist and sculptor Lee Busby is doing his best to honor fallen soldiers. He is creating artwork to remember them as part of a Birmingham group called Alabama Fallen Warriors Project.

“It lets me be a part of recognizing the struggle and pain those families and their loved ones have been through,” Busby said. “I have grown close to those families because it takes emotional courage on their part to sit down and to bring back in three-dimensional form somebody they loved very much and lost their lives tragically.”

As a Tuscaloosa City Councilor and retired Colonel in the United States Marine Corp., Busby has experience serving others. But he says the artwork he’s created is a feat that impacts him the most.

“Sometime there will be some sharing of tears in that process, but it seems to always end in smiles and laughter,” Busby said. “It just gives them one more step to being able to remember all the good instead of the weight of sorrow and it’s helpful to me too.”

The Alabama Fallen Warriors project funds the projects and connects him with families. Busby asks them for photographs of their veteran and creates a sculpture to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.