Tuscaloosa 3-year-old recovering after branch crashes through roof

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A three year old hit by a tree branch that crashed through the roof of his house is back at home  Sunday night.

Jennifer Jackson-Bolden says it has rained every week since she moved into her new home in Tuscaloosa. She moved in on her birthday back in November, three years after the deadly tornado outbreak in 2011. Sunday afternoon she showed WIAT what the back bedroom of her house looked like after a giant branch came through the roof. A tarp is all that separates the inside from the elements outside.

A branch from a tree outside broke off and crashed through the roof Saturday night, landing right next to a three year old boy she was watching. At first, she thought the noise was just thunder.

“That’s kind of what I thought it was because I knew there were no trees,” said Jackson-Bolden.

“I went go and tell the baby, because he yelled so loudly, that oh it’s okay it’s just [thunder], you know, but it wasn’t just that. It was a tree limb in the house right next to him,” she explained. Most of the damage from Saturday is cleaned up. Jackson-Bolden never thought falling branches would be an issue.

“I’ve said on numerous occasions ‘wow i have no trees that’s a good thing’,” said Jackson-Bolden. This is home for her, but Saturday wasn’t her first brush with severe weather.

“I moved in on my birthday November 21st. It was such a blessing cause I’d been gone away since the 2011 tornado. I have not been here. I’ve been gone three and a half years and finally able to come back and this has happened. This is just a minor setback,” she said.

“We’re not going to let this keep us from going forward.”

As for three year old Eric, the son of a relative she was watching, she says his a trooper.

“He didn’t cry,” she explained.

“It scared him really bad. It scared me, but he didn’t cry at all. He just came to me and let me know something ain’t right,” said Jackson-Bolden. She says she is thankful for the help of her community. She tells WIAT that doctors had to put a couple of stitches in little Eric’s head to help his cut, but he’s doing just fine.

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