TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — In Trussville, the city’s entertainment district is booming and continuing to see growth.

Local residents said the entertainment district really helps to unite the community offering something for the whole family.

There’s a pavilion space, big screen TV for games, an amphitheater for concerts, and green space along with plenty of retail and restaurants to choose from.

Alysia Mitchell works next door at 24E Fitness. She said the entertainment district helped inspire her to move here soon.

“It’s a great collaboration,” said Mitchell. “It just really adds to the community vibe, and it just brings everybody together. I know a lot of the employees in the entertainment center- Know who we are, know who they are, and it really just brings the community together.” 

Several new businesses within the entertainment district, including a brewery and wine bar, are now open to the public.

Corbeau Wine Bar is in its second week of business and it’s a family affair. Sisters married to brothers opened the business with hopes of providing a place to drink wine with joy.

“That’s just like my ideal little, like dream, and to be able to really see it all come together and the fruition is just sort of surreal,” said co-owner Mary Martin.

The local owners said Trussville’s now booming entertainment district is a dream location.

“When we first moved out here this was all just a field,” said co-owner Dean Maio.

“We sort of picked this location, like, as it was being built- as the building was being built, and I didn’t want to do it anywhere else,” said Martin.

This month, the city council approved an open container ordinance.

“You know it just provides a different dimension for you, especially if you have a family, to be able to enjoy outside and the surroundings,” said Maio.

Maio said their wine bar offers one of the state’s first self-serve wine tasting experiences.

“So, it’s pretty progressive,” said Maio. “It goes from white to red. Sweet to dry. And like I said, we have some modest options, some great boutique-y options and some higher end options too.”

“We’ve poured our heart, our sweat, our tears into this and we really hope it comes across to everybody how much we love it and how much we love our community,” said co-owner Elizabeth Martin.

Corbeau wine bar also offers retail and customized orders for special events. According to the city council, the entertainment district hours are Sunday through Saturday from 10a.m.-11p.m.