Trump says he asked for coronavirus testing to be slowed down


Tulsa, Okla. (WIAT) — President Donald Trump says he wants fewer coronavirus tests. That’s what he told the crowd during Saturday night’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Trump says he believes more testing leads to more cases.

Trump says, “Testing is a double edge sword. We have tested now 25 million people, it is probably 20 million people more than anybody else. Germany has a lot. South Korea has done a lot. They called me, they said the job you are doing. Here’s the bad part, when you do testing to that extent you are going to find more people, you are going to find more case, so i said to my people ‘slow the testing down please’.”

After Trump’s comment, an administration official called it a joke, saying the president was quote “obviously kidding”.

Trump’s Oklahoma rally happened as covid-19 cases continue to trend upward recently. 21 states are reporting an increase in cases from last week.


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