Trump presents Medal of Honor to the first living recipient from Operation Iraqi Freedom


WASHINGTON, D.C. – (CBS) The first living Iraq War Veteran has received the Medal of Honor  It’s the most prestigious military decoration to recognize a service member. 

Staff Sergeant David Bellavia’s life changed on November 10, 2004., the day he and his platoon stormed into a home in Fallujah the enemy was using as cover. When gunfire trapped his comrades Bellavia sprung into action, using a rifle and grenades to kill 4 insurgents. He took out a fifth in a hand fight.
His bravery single-handedly saved his entire squad and led him to be the first living Iraq War Veteran to receive the Medal of Honor.

Bellavia left the Army in 2005 but later returned to Iraq as an embedded reporter for the organization he co-founded, called “Vets for Freedom”. The goal was to assess the security and get a progress report on Iraq operations. 

Bellavia is now an acclaimed talk show host here at WBEN in Buffalo. Bellavia was on the air when the news broke.

WATCH: President Trump presents the Medal of Honor to David Bellavia, the first living recipient from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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