Troy University students react to USC college admission scandal


TROY, Ala. (WIAT) — Reaction to this scandal is pouring in from across Alabama. Students at Troy University’s main campus in Troy say it is unfair to the students who work hard academically and athletically to get into their choice schools. 

Some want to see changes in the entrance exam process to avoid something like this from happening again. 

Corey Mitchell, a college junior, states, “It’s like more so of a money situation. When you have money you have power. So with money, a lot of people tend to look over things and bend rules.”

Pamela Claire Fenn, a college senior, said, “Because college is getting so competitive, it is extremely unfair for these parents, and Singer, and other names that have come up in the operation to use their connections and their wealth.”

Troy University was not involved in the scandal.

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