Tropical Storm Bill has formed in the Atlantic


Tropical Storm Bill has formed off the coast of the mid-Atlantic. Bill is the second named storm of the 2021 Tropical Cyclone season.

At this time, Bill has winds of 45 mph and is moving quickly to the NE at 23 mph. Bill will have little to no impact on the east coast, outside of some choppy surf. It will race into cooler waters and weaken almost as quickly as it began.

While Bill scoots out to sea, we are also watching the bay of Campeche closely. The waters in the Gulf are warming making a small pathway favorable for a possible tropical system to travel. For now, we only have a cluster of thunderstorms in the bay, but within the next five days, there is a good chance these storms become more organized and become our next named storm. It will get the name Claudette. Regardless of officially becoming a named storm, it is likely to bring us rain later this weekend.

There is still a bit to watch and much more to unpack with the upcoming forecast. Best advice right now, don’t cancel any plans to the beach. Keep an eye on developments and stay apprised to new information.

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