Invest 98 L: Here is the area to watch. Showers and thunderstorms remain disorganized in association with a low pressure system located over the southeastern Caribbean Sea, about 150 miles east-northeast of Curacao. The upper-level wind environment over the low is expected to become more conducive for development, and tropical depression is on its way to forming in less than 48 hours.

FAVORABLE CONDITIONS: Right now, Invest 98 L is interacting with South America but is showing signs of strengthening. As it moves into more open waters, that are quite warm, along with limited winds aloft, these will favor rapid intensification. We could see this storm transition from Tropical Depression, to Tropical Storm Hermine, to Hurricane Hermine within just a few days.

FAVORABLE CONDITIONS: Along with warm sea surface temperatures, limited winds in the upper levels, there is an area of high pressure positioned over the Atlantic that will act as a steering wheel and curve this storm to the north.

WHERE WILL THIS GO: Right now, the storm looks to have little to no interaction with many Caribbean Islands until Wednesday. There may be a brief rub against Jamaica, as this storm curves north. From there, we are still sifting through many uncertainties, but there is better agreement in the last model run that this storm will be largely impacted by the eastern High and pull the storm towards the Eastern Gulf and along the Florida coast between Fort Myers to Apalachicola, then taking it across Florida and up the eastern sea board.

LANDFALL: We are still too far out to make any assertions for final landfall. But trust me, we will refine our forecasts daily and we will make sure to keep you up apprised to any major changes to the forecast. There is very good agreement through the weekend, and models are now puling the storm towards Florida. This will mean Alabama stays in the lower impact zone. Our CBS 42 Storm Team has you covered. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels for quick updates throughout this event.

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