Trick-or-treating hot spot in Helena: Old Cahaba neighborhood


HELENA, Ala. (WIAT) — Trick-or-treaters all over Central Alabama will hit the streets for Halloween Monday night.

Turns out, there are some popular trick or treating spots right here in our area.

Halloween is a big deal in the Old Cahaba neighborhood in Helena. People living in the area tell CBS42 they welcome the growing number of trick-or-treaters into the area.

Joe Sciarrotta says he usually hands out about 25 pounds of candy on Halloween night. Sciarrotta says he’s noticed an increase in the amount of trick-or-treaters in the area over the last couple of years. He says the neighborhood is a good option for people who may not have a safe neighborhood to go to or a place where homes aren’t so spread out.

“Every year we get full, there’s a lot of people and they’re out until even 9 or 9:30 at night. A lot of the residents will even take a trailer and kind of follow along when kids get tired they’ll throw them into the back of the trailer,” said Sciarrotta.

Helena police and Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies want to make sure everyone stays safe while out trick-or-treating. They encourage parents to make sure their kids are wearing either reflective clothing or glow sticks, especially in neighborhoods with limited street lighting.

There’s already heightened awareness this year because of recent creepy clown threats and sightings all over the country and even here in Central Alabama. Deputies say they’ll handle any suspicious activity, even suspicious clown activity, accordingly.

“There may be some older kids out there that are taking advantage of those rumors of the scary clowns please call us we’ll look into it,” said Deputy Sheriff Debbie Sumrall,

Sciarrotta says he’s saying no to clowns all together, and even planned to turn away anyone dressed as a clown come Halloween night.

“I’m not opening the door for any clown trick-or-treaters or anything like that so we’re going to put a sign up that says no clowns allowed and we’re going to enforce it you know, don’t know how it started don’t care it’s not gonna happen here,” he said.

Police will increase patrols Halloween night and encourage anyone who sees something suspicious to give them a call.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has posted some tips for parents as they prepare for trick-or-treating with their kids on Halloween night.

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