BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Millions of Americans are traveling this holiday season as COVID-19 cases are steadily on the rise fueled by the omicron variant.

Classic Travel Connection Owner Christen Perry says her business has only seen about 5% of cancelations due to the virus. This year alone her business saw a boost in business 10% compared to 2019.

When planning for travel amid the pandemic, it remains Classic Travel Connection’s goal to help their clients select places that will work with them in case of issues related to COVID-19. Perry says this is important because all international travelers now require people to test negative for Covid prior to entering back into the US

Perry says the safety of cruising as a travel option is of concern to many. She says for people choosing to travel internationally it’s a much different conversation related to risk versus reward. She is not encouraging people unvaccinated to travel on a cruise regardless of the cruise requirements.

“We’re very specific about these are the things you can do if you are vaccinated. These are the things you can’t do if you are not vaccinated. But the cruise lines can’t do anything more than what they are doing. They are requiring you to be vaccinated, requiring you to have a negative COVID test before you even get there, taking another test at the port,” Perry said.

Perry’s projections for travel booking trips in 2022 are up significantly. However, she does say COVID-19 will still affect her business and the traveling industry overall.