Train blocks residents at Trussville Springs


TRUSSVILLE-ALA, (WIAT)-Around 5 o’clock Friday morning some residents were trying to get out of the Trussville Springs subdivision but couldn’t because of a stalled train. A Norfolk Southern spokesperson said the train had a mechanical problem.

“A lot of us have important jobs and none of us can get to where we are supposed to go. If there was an emergency here you can’t get help,” said Trussville Springs resident Gwen Frazier.

Scott Fowler came from Atlanta to pick up a trailer and could not get into the subdivision Friday morning.

“It’s very frustrating especially when you have been driving all this way to get here and you are stuck,” said Fowler.

There is another way out but it’s for emergencies only, and it has a clearance of only seven feet. It’s located a few hundred yards from the main entrance, but there is a locked gate.

“The mayor let us know that they had a key if there was emergency, and the fire department and police would be able to get through. We called the police department and after we sat here for a while and we were told the key does not exist,” said Frazier.

The emergency roadway did not used to have a gate, but Norfolk Southern said a couple months ago it was put up because the roadway is not public and people were using it anyway.

There were safety concerns that debris could fly from the tracks. In cases of emergencies Norfolk Southern said they and the fire department have a key to open it.

The Trussville fire chief said he does not know why it took so long to contact him this morning, but once he was notified before seven they did open the gate. The chief says the police department has taken action to notify the fire department immediately.

The train started running again around eleven Friday morning.

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