Traffic Race Take 2: Highway 280 or Highway 119 to I-65 N?


This is take two of ‘The Traffic Race!’

Meteorologist Sarah Canty and I are putting Highway 280 to the test during morning rush hour. For this race, I took the alternate – Chelsea Road (CR-47) onto Hwy-280 WB, left onto Hwy-119 SB, merged onto I-65 NB and got off at 3rd Ave to Railroad Park downtown.

Sarah stayed on Hwy-280 inbound all the way from Chelsea Road to Railroad Park. It was stop and go for both of us.

The alternate route was a little longer in distance, however, it was actually faster!

On the morning of this race, no accidents were reported on either Hwy-280, Hwy-119 or I-65. We started at 7:35am. The alternate route got us to Railroad Park at 8:30 a.m., equaling a drive time of 55 minutes. For Sarah all the way on Hwy-280, it took 1 hour 1 minute and 50 seconds. The alternate won!

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