ALABASTER, Ala. (WIAT) — On Monday, the city of Alabaster will be considering several proposals that could impact drivers. One measure includes changing the speed limit on Highway 119 from 35 to 45 mph south of Buck Creek Bridge until Highway 31.

City Councilor Gregg Farrell said if this change gets approved it would make things more consistent for drivers on the highway.

The school that was in operation on that strip has also been moved. Farrell doesn’t believe having the limit reduced to 35 mph will be important.

City leaders will also vote on a neighborhood Calming Device Program. If approved, communities who have speeding concerns could get speed bumps installed, if they meet certain requirements. The city has $20,000 to launch the initial phases of the program.

“Step one, engineering looks and sees if it meets certain criteria on the road. There’s all kind of parameters that have to be met and if that’s met then it goes to step two. The next step will be to monitor and do a traffic count. Law enforcement would then do a speed limit count,” Gregg Farrell, Alabaster City Councilor, said.

Alabaster city leaders are modeling the Calming Device Program after the city council in Franklin, Tennessee.

The public hearing to address both issues will be held at Alabaster City Hall at 7 p.m.