BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) – A tow truck driver, his colleague, and their passenger who needed a lift, are still alive after someone shot at them from another car while driving along I-20/59 in Bessemer.

The three tell CBS 42 that the incident happened Saturday night.

Jeff DeShazo, of McCalla, said that while he was getting a ride home on a Rich’s Collision Repair tow truck after his car would not start, someone opened fire on the truck.

Jonathan Pickle, the driver of the truck, said that a man pulled up beside them in the left lane to pass around and then started shooting at them.

“We stayed in the center so traffic could pass us,” DeShazo said. “What his motive was for shooting the truck was, I don’t know. I could only guess that we weren’t going fast enough, but who knows.”

Over the phone, Pickle told CBS 42 that they had just driven past a wreck that slowed down traffic.

 “When we switched lanes another car flew by and started shooting,” Pickle said.

That’s when Pickle said he got shot in the left leg.

At first DeShazo said he didn’t realize what was happening, but the gunfire was loud even with the windows up.

“When it happened I gotta tell you just candidly, just keeping it real,” DeShazo said. “Extremely calm, extremely peaceful. I just attribute that to the presence of the Lord, the peace of God for me.”

He is hopeful that the person responsible can find peace and come forward.

“I just encourage him to turn himself in, and let’s just give some grace and peace to him, too, and take the anger out of his life,” DeShazo said.

A Bessemer Police spokesperson said the agency is investigating a shooting that happened near mile marker 105 on I-59/20 in the southbound lanes. There are no known suspects at this time and no known motive yet for the shooting.

Pickle said he got out of the hospital Monday afternoon. He said he does not need surgery right now, but doctors will be reassessing him next week to see if it will be necessary.