Toddler’s death brings awareness to speed concerns in area


BIRMINGHAM, AL (WIAT) — A community, mourning the loss of a child, is also bringing light to a what they say is a major problem on their roads. Residents say cars tend to drive too fast through the neighborhoods in Southwest Birmingham.

“Anytime a crisis happens in our community or our city, it kind of wakes you up on different things that you know should have been addressed,” says District 6 Councilor, Sheila Tyson.

Tyson is pushing the city to make changes to the roads in the community she both serves and resides, but she is not pushing for speed bumps, something the community has wanted for a while.

“Several residents in the area want speed bumps, but when they get them, the noise is so loud, they don’t want them,” says Tyson.

Tyson says the framework plan is already in place to make the roads safer. Residents along Northland Avenue says they’re mourning the loss of 3 year old Malik Carpenter but also calling for change so an accident like this never happens again.

“They need to bring police and come through the neighborhood,” says Larry Luckey, a resident in the area. “They need to come to the neighborhood and see what is going on because it is going to take more than just speed brakes.”

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