Those who vape could be in trouble come flu season in Alabama


AUBURN, Ala. (WIAT) — As Alabamians move into flu season, Auburn University’s School of Nursing says those who vape could be in real danger when it comes to getting sick.

Not only are these vaping devices causing major health concerns, but they are also being disguised as basic school supplies. Behind the thick cloud of smoke, health professionals say people who vape could be at risk for a number of respiratory illnesses.

“People are more at risk when they have an exposure to to a virus like he flu or when they are around certain bacteria,” said Linda Gibson-Young, a nursing professor at Auburn.

Earlier this month, Alabama had its first vaping death and right now about 20 vaping illnesses are being investigated.

“Here at the School of Nursing, we are educating our students about electronics nicotine delivery systems,” Gibson-Young said. “We want our students to be aware of what they are, what they look like and the affects on the human body.”

To parents, these devices could be lying in plain sight.

“Your kid is getting high doses nicotine into their brains,” professor Adrienne Duke said. “It’s like smoking a while pack cigarettes in one of these.”

Duke works to educate parents about the affects vaping has on children.

“Nicotine affects impose control, it affects attention, memory and those things are very important when kids are in school.” Duke said.


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