Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) — The corner of 4th St. West and Florida Avenue in Birmingham’s Thomas Neighborhood looks like it was caught in a crossfire.

Windshields shot out of two vehicles, bullet holes in the sides of houses, and shattered glass in the back of vehicles. It’s what Alonzo Darrow has witnessed on two occasions this month at his home.

“What really shook me up is right here,” said Darrow as he pointed to a neighbor’s house with a gaping hole in the top of the window frame where the wood of the house connects with the metal. “That baby is not even six weeks old, the bullet came in where the baby was sleeping and I said what can I do, I had to call somebody, to let them know these people need to stop this madness.”

Darrow said he has one car in the shop right now getting a window replaced after someone shot out the window earlier this month. Then Thursday night, a bullet shattered the window of his daughter’s car in front of the house, and a bullet hit the rear window of a second vehicle shattering it as well. Three vehicles in one month. A brick on the side of his house was pricked by a bullet as well.

When his family heard about it, Darrow said “they hit the floor.” Darrow has lived on this corner lot for 40 years and what’s been happening over the last three months has him concerned that innocent people may become victims of gun violence while sitting in their homes.

“I don’t know whether they are targeting somebody or they got a beef with somebody. But I don’t have problems with anyone out here. I’m the neighborhood president. I try to improve the neighborhood, that’s what I do,” Darrow said.

He wants Birmingham Police to increase patrols.

“The officer told me last night we really don’t have enough police officers just to be out here on patrol,” Darrow said. “My point is if you don’t have enough, take the ones where you don’t have this type of crime and put them over here for a week or two and clean the neighborhoods up.”