BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Local tree care expert, Danato Green, is known as ‘The Tree Man.’ Recently, multiple people have called him asking him to rescue cats from trees after realizing fire and police departments don’t offer that help anymore.

Danato Green is ‘The Tree Man.’

Green with Booboo, the cat, following a rescue.

“Climbing, rigging is a huge part of what I do,” Green said.

He spends his days on the job about 80 feet above the ground, trimming and offering tree care. Once he began advertising his work on Facebook, people started to know who the Tree Man was. He ended up being the one people thought of when their cat was stuck in one.

“Nobody else will do it,” Green said. “Now the Humane Society is giving people my number.”

According to Green and his clients, no local fire departments, police departments nor animal control will come to the rescue for a domesticated animal stuck in a tree.

Green climbing a tree attempting to save a cat.

“I said this is a really strange question, but somebody told me that you could help get a cat out of tree,” Rachel Mclain, whose cat Danato had rescued. “And he said, yep – I absolutely can.”

So he did – graciously along many others. He’s even connected with some of the far up felines.

“He was calling real loud,” Green said. “My name is Danato but for short, it’s Nato. Everybody knows me as Nato, so it sounded like he was saying, ‘nato,’ I swear to you.”

But he’s only a one man team.

Green preparing his ropes to climb.

“I want to be nice but it’s too much now to spread myself so thin. So it’s like, I’ll do it.”

Now he politely asks for payment, price depending on the distance up the tree and the distance he’ll have to drive. Regardless, he’s grateful for the opportunity to serve the area.

“I don’t care what I’m doing, I enjoy what I do – I love to climb trees. That’s how this all started.”

You can reach Green, ‘The Tree Man’ on his Facebook page and on his phone at 205-480-9627.