BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — With the World Games in its backyard, Birmingham has experienced a week like no other. The excitement continues as preparations are underway for the 2022 World Games closing ceremony.

Opening and closing ceremonies producer Rashada LeRoy says creative, production and broadcast teams are collaborating with cast members to create a spectacular send-off celebration for all to see.

LeRoy says initial preparations and rehearsals began two years ago. During that time, she worked to incorporate many local and Alabama native performers who have since been prepping for the ceremony.

Final rehearsals began July 7, right after the opening ceremony finished. Timing, blocking and choreography have all been mastered for the live performance.

“It’s been two years of sweat, equity, and going through creative [processes], getting the right people in the mix being able to tell these stories,” said LeRoy.

Managing director of International Sports Broadcasting Ursula Romero says 21 different nationalities are working to make the ceremony happen. For such a large production, Romero says working towards the final product is challenging.

“It takes a lot of effort, as you can imagine, building cameras, setting up. Of course with the heat, it’s not easy, but we are trying,” said Romero.

Despite these obstacles, LeRoy says everyone behind the scenes is working together to create a show like no other.

“It looks like a dance,” said LeRoy. “Sometimes it’s a chaotic dance, but for the most part it allows us to really communicate with each other and put us in a position where we really can be successful.”

LeRoy hopes the closing ceremony will be a celebration of unity and the athletes that have brought our world together in Birmingham for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

“Let’s close us out strong-these last couple of days,” said LeRoy. “Let’s show the world that Birmingham is open for business and these are the things we can do and we’re gonna do them proudly.”

The closing ceremony will take place on Sunday at 8 p.m. World Games officials encourage guests attending the ceremony to use the free Ride The Line transportation system, follow the clear bag policy and enjoy the show.