The Latest in Sen. Jeff Sessions, Tommy Tuberville US Senate race


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville faces former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the race for the U.S. Senate seat.

The two are currently in what appears to be in a battle of open letters. On Tuesday morning, Tuberville posted to Twitter, “Send a warrior to Washington.”

And Sessions took to Twitter to set the record straight on his recusal from the Russia investigation.

Last week, President Donald Trump made comments on Fox News once again disparaging Sessions for his recusal in the Russia investigation. Among the president’s comments was a claim that Sessions begged for the Attorney General job.

Sessions denied that claim saying he never begged for the job. Sessions appeared on Fox News defending his recusal saying he was part of the Trump campaign and it was the right thing to do.

This week, the Tuberville campaign weighed into the fray with a letter demanding Jeff Sessions apologize to trump saying in part, “He shouldn’t have to deal with a guy he fired, questioning his integrity.”

That prompted another open letter from Jeff Sessions who CBS 42 spoke to Tuesday about the campaign and his decision. Additionally, Trump endorsed Tuberville earlier this year.

“The president is free to endorse who he chooses to endorse, there is no problem with that, but the people of Alabama get to choose who their senator is,” Sessions said. “Washington has tried twice in this last election to pick a Senate candidate and has failed both times. The people will decide this. So I’m taking my case to them, they’re independent, they’re good people, they know me and yes Tommy Tuberville is trying to take advantage of the disagreement that everybody knows that the president and I had.”

The former U.S. Senator who was forced into a runoff with Tuberville after the primary went on to say that Tuberville didn’t know what else to talk about in an effective way.

“He’s never even engaged in these issues,” Sessions said. “He hasn’t seemed to have taken any real interest in them since he declared. And if he wants to complain about me, then let’s do it in a debate. Let him say it to my face and we’ll talk about it and I’ll challenge him and do that anytime.”

Sessions said in our interview that a vote for Trump is a vote for him. The runoff election between Sessions and Tuberville is now scheduled for July 14. The winner will challenge Democrat Doug Jones in the general election this November.


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