TEARS dog rescue finds homes for all dogs before move


A Birmingham dog rescue that has to relocate following the death of its director has found homes for all its dogs. 

The Emergency Animal Rescue Service (TEARS) had to move all 24 dogs off the property by Sunday. It’s a process that began several weeks ago following the death of Terra Cotromano, the organization’s founder. Because TEARS did not own the property, leaders had to begin searching for a new location, which could be a lengthy process. So they had to find homes for all the dogs before the deadline to move off the property.

TEARS secretary Nicole Self told CBS 42 Sunday that all the dogs now have new homes. Ten of those are heading to other states, including Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri and New Hampshire. Of the other 14, seven were adopted by individuals, four are going to other sanctuaries similar to TEARS, and three will go to foster families who will care for the animals until they find more permanent homes. 

Leaders are still searching for a new home for the TEARS sanctuary. Self hopes they can find a location with similar amenities to the previous location, which featured eight acres of open space with plenty of shade and places for the dogs to swim. 

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