Talladega Police investigating fake money being passed around town


TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Talladega Police are investigating fake money being passed off as real at local gas stations and businesses.

“It’s very unusual. Sometimes we would get a $20 here and there, but it’s long periods of time. Here, though, it’s gone crazy here lately,” said Heather Jones, manager of the AOC Station on Cherry Street in Talladega.

Some of that money is especially unusual. Talladega Police say they’re investigating how prop money, $100 bills often seen on movie sets, wound up in the hands of people trying to buy goods with it.

Broderick Brooks, who works at a local restaurant, says he’s seen the fake money himself.

“It looks like the regular $100 bill. It has the little scanner strip, it has the face of the president,” Brooks said. “It looks just like the regular thing. The only difference is, it has motion picture money on it.”

On at least two different occasions in June, Talladega convenience stores refused to take the person’s money, then called police to report it. None of the cash holders stuck around to wait for an investigation, and no arrests have been made.

“Most people, if I come into contact with it, they act surprised, like, ‘Oh I didn’t know it was counterfeit,’ which of course they probably did,” Brooks said.

Talladega Police say if you come into contact with any suspicious money, you should refuse to accept it in a transaction, then alert them.

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