Tailgate food ideas


BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Football season is approaching and before that game kicks off many are thinking about what they’ll eat during their tailgate.

Instead of sticking to the hot dogs and hamburgers, 1918 Catering in Birmingham is bringing some other ideas that can satisfy the parents, children, and those who are looking for healthy options.

Jason and Jamal Brown with 1918 Catering said the big thing is to prep your food before the tailgate, at least a few days before.

For the veggie lovers:

A dish they recommend to fit the vegetarian needs is fried green tomatoes. To prepare the dish, slice up unripened tomatoes, roll and season them in cornmeal and cook in 325-degree oil for only a few minutes to get a nice, crisp dish.

“Tomatoes is one of those items where people are on kind of a health kick and more vegan options and vegetarians,” said Jason Brown.

They recommend serving your fried green tomatoes with a side of remoulade sauce.

For the meat lovers:

For the meat-eaters, Brown said wings is a great choice that feeds a lot of people. It’s one of their popular dishes at 1918 Catering.

“A good smoked wing that has been marinated for over 24 hours and smoked for 6 hours. You can’t beat it. There is no sauce needed, no ranch needed.

Kids tend to be more picky, so hot dogs is always a safe choice.

“Adults like their hot dogs charred. Kids just want theirs done so one thing about tailgate is when you’re cooking hot dogs it’s typically for the kids, ” said Brown.

To make things simpler, throw some pre-boiled corn on the grill wrapped in foil. That can stay on the grill with the wings.

Brown said if you set your tailgate up right, you’ll be enjoying the game and not be cooking the entire time.

“One thing about any tailgate its prep. Most people miss the key detail which is prep. Most of those things can be pre-done for tailgate and that saves you a ton of time,” said Brown.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Another great idea Brown suggests for tailgates is tacos. You serve a variety of meats and vegetables and let people serve themselves. That way, you satisfy everyone food preference.

From the grill to the plate, there are many ways to be the tailgate king. Just follow the advice: prep, grill, and eat.

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