Student Activists form Iron City Generation Now, to push for stronger gun laws

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Local student activists are fighting for stronger gun laws.

Iron City Generation Now’s goal is to make Alabama a safer state in schools and the community.

One of the members hopes their story is a wake up call to others.

Zo Shauku’s life has totally changed since Friday, July 20.

“Sore, some pain. My ribs hurt also. The bullet in my neck hurts too,” said Shauku.

Zo was sleeping at his home in Fairfield when he was shot by a stray bullet, and still, police are still looking for the suspect.

“I’m not angry or resent them, I just want them off the street,” said Shauku.

Before being shot, Zo already had a strong opinion on gun violence through his organization Iron City Generation Now.

“It’s morbidly humorous. It’s saddening because this is something I want to prevent and look, it happened here but also makes me think this proves the point that what we have going on in regards to one arm interpretation of our gun rights, it’s not working,” said Shauku.

The group, which consist of local high school students, was formed right after the Parkland, Florida shooting.

Their goal is to grab the attention of elected officials and bring stricter gun laws to the state.

“We just got kind of upset about gun safety in Birmingham and we decided to do something about it. March for our Lives goes nationally, we wanted to do something locally,” said Hannah Cowart with Iron City Generation Now. 

This group can’t vote yet, but they say that’s not stopping their generation.

“It makes me feel so empowered to do something great in our community,” said Cowart. 

“Me ending up with a bullet in me because our gun laws are too lax. That isn’t ok. It’s just continuing the campaign and fight,” said Shauku.

The group said they regularly meet during the school year. They say they hope they can talk to some elected officials about how their generation feels on gun laws.

To get in touch with the organization, you can email them at 

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