State health officer urges Alabamians to follow COVID-19 guidelines


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama state health officials say coronavirus numbers continue to rise and they need more people to start taking the healthcare guidelines seriously. This comes after Alabama has continued to loosen COVID-19 restrictions.

“We are trying to get people to change their behavior and no one likes wearing a mask in public, but it’s the right thing to do. But what bothers me most is those Alabamians that still believe that this isn’t a problem. We get contacted almost daily by people who think we are making this up or these numbers aren’t real,” said Dr. Scott Harris, State Health Officer.

While health is a big concern, businesses including newly reopened Premiere Cinertainment say they are just trying to stay afloat. The staff said they are also working hard to keep those COVID-19 numbers down.

“When purchasing your ticket we have an algorithm that when you buy a seat you can buy a seat with your friend, but the seat beside you is automatically blocked off. We’ve extended times between shows to give us that additional time because we actually sanitize every seat after somebody sits in it,” said Mark Vaughn, Facility Director of Premiere Cinertainment.

Premiere Cinertainment adds they have also dropped the prices of seeing a film to $5 plus tax, due to COVID-19.


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