Some businesses benefiting from supply chain issues

Local News

CALERA, Ala. (WIAT) – The struggles for many businesses, such as restaurants and retailers, continue due to the current supply chain. But one discount retailer based in Alabama is having a different time.

Crazy Cazboys is a discount retailer that buys certain merchandise from other retailers and sells them at a large discounted rate. Right now, their distribution center is filled with all sorts of items.

“In this warehouse right now, there is millions of items. Retail items,” CEO John Cassimus said.

Cassimus says they sell close to 40,000 items per week. He explained to CBS 42 how his business is booming at the moment.

“So many millions of items were flooded back into the system. They had nothing to do with it. So, we were able to buy millions of items. And so, we are full of product and we will have unlimited amount of supply for the foreseeable future,” Cassimus said.

He says with the holidays coming up, consumers can shop smart and save money if they look at the right avenues.

“We are going to give these people that are hurting at the pump, paying for gas and more expensive commodities. They can come and shop with us online or in our stores and really save a lot of money,” Cassimus said.

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