Smoke Rise community blames nauseating odor on nearby pet-food plant


SMOKE RISE, Ala (WIAT) — A community in Blount County is frustrated of a odor that lingers in their homes, and they’re blaming a nearby pet-food plant.

The community of Smoke Rise said the smell has progressively been getting worse, and tends to be the strongest at night. 

Neighbors in the Smoke Rise community said they love living here, and have for decades, but the conditions are not ideal.

“I would never dream that a beautiful place like this would be so repulsive,” said Mike Moore, who has lived in Smoke Rise for 15 years. 

They’re frustrated of a smell that they say is coming from a pet food plant 7 miles away, American Proteins Inc.

“We had a windows open the other night but by 3:30 in the morning it woke me up. I was awaken by it. The smell was so intense and i was nauseating,” said Rob Stump, who is on the Smoke Rise Homeowners Association board. 

They said the smell returns about every other day for hours. 

“To not be able to go outside your own yard and to enjoy your yard and have a good time with family and friends, that’s not good,” said Dolores Fort, who has lived in Smoke Rise for almost 50 years. 

They said they’ve met with American Proteins officials and they say the odor is not from their plant. 

“It’s an insult to us telling us it’s a dead animal. It’s an insult to use to tell us its a wood burning pile,” said Rob Stump. 

In a statement from American Proteins, they said, “While we consistently operate the Hanceville facility in a manner to control the potential for odors, we take these concerns seriously because we take our relationships with local communities seriously. We have been visiting the smoke rise community essentially daily for nearly six weeks (and often multiple times per day) in order to see if any odors are detectable…We will continue to engage with and be responsive to concerns from the smoke rise community. “

Neighbors said more needs to be done

“We don’t want the plant to shut down. That’s definitely not what we’re interested in. We just want them to do whatever it takes to get the smell out of the air,” said Moore. 

“I have been to the plant. I’ve been here for 31 years. It’s no other smell. They can say what they want to. I can pick this smell anyplace anytime. It’s nothing like I’ve ever smelt,” said Stump. 

Neighbors said soon after CBS 42 reached out to American Proteins Inc, one of the managers called and asked to meet on Tuesday with the company’s engineer. They hope this situation is handled soon. 

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