Sloss Fest delayed by severe weather, show goes on


For the second day in a row, Sloss Fest was delayed by weather Sunday. Fans were initially told to shelter in place, but that advisory quickly became an extended delay.

“It’s kind of a bum,” said Mackenzie Tallent who was attending the festival.

“We can’t predict weather but I mean, we want Sloss Fest,” said her sister, Jaxson Tallent.

As the rains got heavy, many decided to leave early or at least wait out the delay off site.

“It’s been very sad because we paid a lot of money for this,” said Vivian Mallett.

“We’re going to go somewhere to eat maybe cause we’re really hungry, but we’re gonna probably come back because yesterday they said it was cancelled but it really wasn’t cancelled, so we’re gonna come back and try it again later. Hopefully they’ll let us in,” said Bryce Black.

Some fans shouted that they wanted refunds as they left the event, but others said no matter what happens, they’ve already had a great time at the festival.

“We saw a good bit of music. It was really great. The stages are awesome and there’s a bunch of people and things to do, so it’s definitely more than just a typical music festival,” said Mackenzie Tallent.

The gates reopened around 9 p.m. Sunday night and the music began again about 9:15 with a new performance schedule.

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