BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Senator Tommy Tuberville remains firm on his stance barring military promotions. He said he is doing this in protest of the military paying for service members to receive abortion care.

Wednesday, Tuberville is still standing firm on his decision to continue the holds. These holds keep military personnel from confirming promotions.

Now several of his Republican colleagues are pressuring him to lift the holds. During his weekly news conference Wednesday, he said they are making progress on possible solutions.

He said Republicans are pro life and pro military and he said through these holds, he is still upholding both of those values.

“We’re going to stand strong on this. I’m getting a lot of input now, even more than I have in the last nine months from my side. We had some colleagues last week that came after me pretty good on the floor, that was uncalled for. I vote for the people of Alabama. They sent me up here to vote and be pro life and that’s exactly what I’m doing,” Tuberville said.

He also said Republicans can agree that they do not what to see a rule change, which is a resolution that he expects Democrats to present next week.

Some of the solutions he is considering include passing legislation that would block the abortion policy or have the defense department revoke it. Another solution would allow the Pentagon to use private money to pay for travel for those services instead of using tax payer dollars.

The holds have been going on for nine months now. But, Tuberville said he is feeling more confident a deal can be reached.