Roy Moore’s family and friends remain in his corner despite new allegation


GALLANT, Ala. (WIAT) — Family members and supporters of Roy Moore remain in his corner despite a new sexual misconduct allegation Monday.

Moore’s brother Jerry and his niece Sonya Cone spoke to members of the media to defend their family member.

“The lord is with us on this and he’s going to bring Uncle Roy through this,” said Sonya Cone.

Cone said religion is very much a part of the Moore’s family values. She told CBS 42 that she believes the latest accusation is another obstacle thrown out by Satan.

Roy Moore’s brother, Jerry More, said he did not know any of the five women who have come forward. He believes the actions are politically motivated.

“All the ones that’s after Roy, and these girls, whoever has paid them or whatever they’re doing, I feel sorry for you, but we’re not giving up,” said Jerry Moore.

When asked if Jerry Moore had any proof that the women received any kind of benefit, he said supporters continued to investigate the allegation and might have more to say later. He would not elaborate.

Monday, Beverly Young Nelson, the fifth person to accuse Moore, showed cameras a yearbook note allegedly written to her by Roy Moore when she was a teenager. Jerry Moore has questions about the note.

“I think that signature of his is a true signature of his, but all the writing around it, is not his writing,” said Jerry Moore.

Some lawmakers, including Republicans have called for Moore to step aside. His family said that is not part of the plan.

“I know they’d love to do Roy inn, but they got to go through God to do that,” said Jerry Moore.

CBS 42 asked Jerry Moore and Sonya Cone for an opportunity to speak with Roy Moore about the latest allegation. Cone said she called her uncle, but said that he was unavailable.

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