(WIAT) — Former Judge Roy Moore has claimed the Republican Nomination for U.S. Senate after winning a runoff election over current Senator Luther Strange.

Moore drew to an early lead in the race and maintained the lead until the Associated Press called the race in his favor around 8:40 p.m. Before AP called the race, the Senate Leadership Fund President Steven Law issued a statement conceding the runoff, which can be read below.“We are proud to have fought alongside President Trump and the NRA in support of a dedicated conservative who has loyally supported this President and his agenda. Senator Strange can hold his head high knowing that he played a critical role in cleaning up the corruption in Montgomery, confirming President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, and strongly supporting the President’s priorities on border security and repealing Obamacare. While we were honored to have fought hard for Big Luther, Judge Roy Moore won this nomination fair and square and he has our support, as it is vital that we keep this seat in Republican hands.”

Shortly after the race was called, CBS42’s Jack Royer brought live coverage of the atmosphere at Roy Moore’s watch party.

Luther Strange issued a statement shortly before taking the stage for his concession speech, which can be read below.“From the beginning of this campaign, my priority has been serving the people of Alabama. Tomorrow I will go back to work with President Trump and do all I can to advance his agenda over the next few weeks. Melissa and I appreciate the many devoted friends and family who have supported us over the past months, the many Alabamians who have given us a warm welcome in every corner of the state, and the brigade of volunteers who left it all out on the field in this campaign. I am especially grateful for the support of President Trump and Vice President Pence, as well as the strong example set by my friends Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions. I congratulate Roy Moore on the result this evening. May God be with him and may God continue to bless Alabama and the United States of America.”

Democratic candidate Doug Jones issued a statement right after the results were announced, which can be read below.Since the beginning of this race, I have focused on issues that matter to the people of Alabama – health care, jobs, and the economy. Unfortunately, there has been little discussion about those issues in the bitter race of the last few weeks. These are not Democratic issues. These are not Republican issues.The people of Alabama deserve a senator who will put aside partisan rancor and address the real needs facing the people of this state. I understand the importance of bipartisanship. A Democratic president appointed me U.S. Attorney and I was confirmed by a Republican-controlled Senate.After years of embarrassing headlines about top public officials in this state, this race is about the people of Alabama and about choosing a candidate with character and integrity they can be proud of. I will never embarrass the people of Alabama. I am running so the people of Alabama can be proud of their next senator.  This job is much bigger than the occupant. As U.S. Attorney, I not only completed my term but remained a special prosecutor to ensure justice was served and Klansmen went to prison for murdering four innocent little girls. I will take the same seriousness to the United States Senate and ensure millions of Alabamians have a representative who places the people above personal ambition.Even though I was not on the ballot today, our campaign has been building momentum for weeks with hundreds of volunteers signing up to join our effort, Republicans reaching out to us throughout the state, and our campaign just finishing our strongest week of fundraising.We started our general election campaign more than a month ago and are seeing increased energy moving toward December 12.Louise and I wish Luther Strange and his family well as he continues to serve the people of Alabama during his remaining time in office.

President Donald Trump offered his support for Moore, a few days after campaining for Strange.

Moore’s next test is the upcoming Senate Special election where he will face Doug Jones. That election is scheduled for Dec. 12.